Lands End to John O’Groats

The Challenge

The first ‘End to End’ was recorded in 1879 by Robert Carlyle. Since that time, thousands have completed it in ever increasing numbers.

People have attempted this challenge on bicycles, including a penny-farthing bicycle, carried crosses, walked nude, carried doors and bricks, pushed wheelbarrows and travelled by car, wheelchair and aeroplane.

In the early days, cyclists had basic bikes. Penny-farthings were popular and solid tyres were common!

The 1st record for cycling end to end was 6 days 16 hours in 1885 set by James Lennox of Dumfries, but by 1965 that was down to under 2 days. The current record is 1 day 20 hours, 4 mins and 19 seconds by cycling! This is of course on a racing bike with full support, riding lightweight non-stop.

One of the more famous people to complete it is Dr. Barbara Moore in the 1960’s. She was probably the person who re-awakened people to the challenge when she walked the route.

Lands End to John O’Groats is a minimum of 874 miles as the crow flies but our route will be around the 910-mile mark.

Either way it represents a challenge that cannot be taken lightly. To complete this challenge requires dedication and commitment.

Training the body and mind to cope with the daily distance is an important aspect in your preparation for this ultimate British challenge.

Lands End is the most south-westerly tip of the English mainland. John O’Groats is situated at the northern tip of mainland Scotland with fine views over the Pentland Firth towards the  Orkney Islands.

The name John O’Groats dates back to 1496 when three Dutch brothers, the de Groots, worked on the land and sea in that area. Eventually the area became known as John O’Groats.

Starting at Lands’ End, we cycle each day for 10 days, covering the 910 mile route. Staying in hotels most nights we have evening meals and breakfasts there. but includes just 3 nights camping,   On reaching John O’Groats, we are taken by coach back to Inverness for our last night’s stay and celebration meal. We disperse from the hotel the next morning to return home.

A cycle helmet is compulsory on this event. We do not cary any cycle helmets so you must ensure you bring one with you.


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Duration of Event

Duration : 10 Days cycling meeting at Lands End. 11 nights, ending in Inverness

Grade : Tough

Dates Available

18th to 29th May 2016

18th to 29th August 2016

20th to 31st May 2017

19th to 30th July 2017

Other group dates can be arranged by request


Self Funded : £120 Registration, Challenge Balance £1,330 (£1,350 fro 2017 events)

Fundraising Option : There is no option for fundraising as part of the challenge, but you are welcome to setup your own fundraising if you wish.


What is included

All snacks, meals and drinks throughout the trip

Camping 3 nights

Hotel most nights with evening meal and breakfast

Full support with mini bus and cycle mechanic

Celebration meal on the last night


What is not included


Cycle clothing

Spares for cycle


Challenge images

See below for a few images we have taken on previous challenge events;