Why Choose us?

We strive to ensure that your safety is our priority and we want you to enjoy the challenge and also go onto greater things in the years to come. Our staff are qualified and experienced in all weather situations and terrains and all are qualified in first aid. You will be looked after from start to finish.

Our events are extremely good value and we pride ourselves that we offer a realistic price for all our events in the current economic climate. The only way to find out is to register for one of our events and see what you get and the achievements people make on their personal challenges.

Our aim is not just to get you to register for a trip in 2015 but to come back with us again and again. By providing a good and enjoyable trip then word spreads, so if you enjoy your trip then tell others or better still bring them with you on another event.

The price you see on the itinerary is the price you pay. There are no hidden costs, no supplements and no inflation once you register. If you wish to change to a different trip then that is no problem. Just contact us to discuss it. There are no financial penalties in doing so.